Problems with loading an exercise or accessing the TrainTool website


Sometimes a problem occurs when you try to load an exercise or access the TrainTool website. These problems can have multiple causes. In this article you can find some solutions that help frequently.

Does the exercise keep loading, and is there no notification?

This problem can occur in Browser such as Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge. The best solution is to switch to Chrome or Firefox. If this is no possibility for you or your organisation, then Adobe Flash needs to be activated. You can read here how to do this.

Is there an error message or notification when you try to access the TrainTool website?

There are many types of errors that can occur when loading the website. Often, these are a consequence of saved browser memory or an outdated Browser.

Solutions often are:

- Check for updates for your Browser.

-Clear your internet Cache (instructions for: Chrome SafariInternet ExplorerEdgeFirefox)

- Try a different browser. By doing this, you know whether the problem is because of the website or because of the Browser(settings).

Are the foregoing solutions not working? Please contact us by using the 'need help?' button on our website.