Score calculation


Score calculation

Normative appraisal questions are linked to every Role Play. These questions are in their turn linked to a competence. The final score of a baseline or final test is the average of the average scores per competence. This is calculated as follows:


Step 1: Score per competence
When all Role Plays in a test have been assessed, the score per competence is calculated. 

Two competences are scored: Summarizing and Asking follow-up questions.
The competence Summarizing was measured 10x, the competence Follow-up questions 6x.
Summarizing was done correctly 6x, and 4x incorrectly (Score Summarizing = 60%)
Asking follow-up questions was done correctly 4x and 2x incorrectly (Score Follow-up questions = 66%)

Step 2: Total score
Your total score is the average of the different competences. Every competence has the same weight.

The compentence Summarizing was scored 60%, the competence Follow-up questions was scored 66%. The average of these two is 63% and that is the total score.