Mandatory theory/preparation


It's not possible to make the theory/preparation mandatory. This is a conscious decision, based on the idea that it's more important that you have a particular skill than that you understand the theory behind it. We support the trainee in choosing their own path; this way, the experience is much more personal, which benefits the participation and effect. 

The preparation is pointed out to the trainee in different ways:

  • When the preparation has not been done yet, the preparation-button is highlighted.
  • When the trainee starts the exercise without doing the preparation, a pop-up will appear that emphasizes the importance of the preparation.
  • After doing the exercise, the trainee checks if they did it well, using appraisal questions. If not, they can decide to do the preparation anyway. 

On average, we see that trainees choose to do the preparation ±85% of the time.