I cannot login via the app


If you are experiencing problems logging in via the app for Android and iOS, we recommend you check the following:

  • Does your phone or tablet have an active internet connection? You can usually see this in the bar at the top of your screen.
  • Do you have the right login details? Check if you’re using the right user name and/or password. Also, try to check if there are no spaces before or behind your e-mail address or password. Passwords are case sensitive. Attention! Some devices use an autocorrect feature that changes the password while you type it. 

If everything is in order and logging in still fails, request a new password by clicking on Forgotten password? Fill in your email address, and a one-time link to change your password will be sent to you automatically.

Have you never received an email from TrainTool containing login credentials? Then you can request a new password via this link. You do this by entering your email address after which you will receive a one-time link to change your password.