Giving permission for camera or microphone

We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your webbrowser while using TrainTool.
TrainTool works best with these browsers.


Sometimes the browser needs permission to use the microphone or camera. It depends on the browser how this works, but most of the time you will be able to set it in the address bar.

- Google Chrome

- Firefox

- Flash



Google Chrome

  1. Go to a page in the program that contains a webcam exercise.
  2. Click on the camera in the address bar. If you dont see a camera you first have to allow TrainTool to use the camera and microphone
    1. Click on Secure
    2. Change the settings of the camera and microphone to Always allow on this siteallow_camera.PNG

  3. Select Allow and Done.

  4. Reload the page.
  5. (Optional) Sometimes it's necessary to update Chrome or update the settings in Flash.

Please note: If you log in from another learning environment, there can be a problem with giving permission because of the latest Chrome update. We are solving this issue at the moment. Until the issue is fixed, your best solution is to use the app or use a different browser. 


  1. Go to a page in the program that contains a webcam exercise.
  2. Check if the correct camera and microphone are chosen en click on 'Allow':

    1. Do you not see this pop-up? Click on the camera icon in the adress bar
    2. Check if the camera as well as the microphone are set to 'Allow'
    3. If not, click on both crosses and reload the page


    Update Firefox to its latest version if the camera or microphone still do not work properly.


  1. Try to reconfigure the webcam by clicking on the cog wheel icon in the upper right corner.

  2. Allow Flash and click on 'close'.