The exercise keeps loading, nothing happens (Flash not found)

We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your webbrowser while using TrainTool. These browsers do not need Flash Player because they make use of HTML5.


It can happen that the exercise of a Role Play keeps loading, with this screen:

Because TrainTool needs Adobe Flash Player to function properly, you will see this message when you have not installed it. You can do one of these things to fix this:


  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox. In these browsers we don't use Flash
  • Install the free Adobe plug-in
  • Install the TrainTool app on your smartphone or tablet

Alowing flash the browser

Flash can be turned off by the browser. You can turn Flash in the browser settings. This works differntly in every browser. 


- Internet explorer

- Edge

- Safari


Global settings

If you have trouble giving permission to the TrainTool camera and microphone set up, there is a workaround: setting your global permissions.

Go to the Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager. You can set permissions for your Flash Player here.

In the list of Visited Websites, look for Click on the line containing (the text before should be the subdomain you are using, here it's, usually it is

The privacy settings options will now become colored instead of grey, and you can select your privacy setting for this domain. Click 'Always allow'.

When you click 'Always allow', the icon in the Visited Websites list will change to a green checkmark.

You can now close this page.

Reload the TrainTool webpage in your browser.