2. Adding Role Plays


When you have created a Role Play program, you can start adding Role Plays. A Role Play consists of the following components:

  • A preparation: Using a video, text and/or images, the required theory can be explained here. You can check if the trainee has understood this theory by filling in the multiple choice questions.
  • The exercise: this component is essential to Role Plays. A trainee sees a video here, where they are required to react to. In this way, the theory that was explained in the preparation can be put to the test right away. The trainee can try this an unlimited number of times, until they are completely satisfied with their recording.
  • Appraisal questions: After the exercise, the trainee will be stimulated to analyze their performance by filling in a few appraisal questions. The recording can be watched and the trainee clicks on the components that they have incorporated in their answer. After that, they can try the exercise again, or share it with friends.

To create a Role Play, follow these next steps:

1. Go to Content in the Role Play program

Click on Programs in the menu, then on the title of your program, and then on Role Plays.


2. Click on the + below ‘Week 1'  to  add a Role Play.

You will then arrive at the page where you can add the Role Play!

3. Start adding your Role Play

The first field you can fill in is the title of the Role Play. This is the title that is seen by the trainee, so make sure that the title makes clear the purpose of the exercise.


After this, you can add the preparation of the Role Play. Click on Preparation to display the right page.

You can start with a video where the theory is explained. Instead of a video, you can also add an image, with text to accompany it.

After this, you can, if you want to, add a multiple choice question which tests the trainee's understanding of the theory. You can do so by clicking on Example / question 1 to display it. Fill in the questions (including a video, if you want), and a few answers below it. Check the correct box if that particular answer is correct. It’s possible to mark several answers as correct!

It’s possible to add a second multiple choice question.

Role Play I

When the preparation is finished, you can fill in the Role Play.

First of all, choose how the trainee will be recorded: Camera (video and audio) or Microphone (only audio).

Then you click on Upload in the Exercise video area in order to upload an exercise video. This is the video that the trainee has to react to. After saving, the image will be cropped for different devices, ensuring that the video will be displayed optimally on every device. If you don’t want the video to be cropped, you can check the box at Don’t crop the video for mobile at Options (advanced). You will also be able to set the trainee's recording time here (the standard 60 seconds is enough most of the time).

If you would like to use the autocue option, you can check the box at Autocue. An extra field will appear, where you can type the autocue text that will appear for the trainee. If you check the box Allow trainee to modify this text, the trainee will be able to change the text.

Then you can fill in the situation (what is happening exactly, what information is needed to do the exercise) and the assignment (what is expected of the trainee). The trainee will see these two texts before they start the exercise.

Appraisal questions

Under Appraisal questions you can formulate questions that will be used by the trainee to assess their performance. The trainee sees these questions after doing the exercise, and if the trainee has added friends, they will use these questions as well to assess the video. These are usually formulated in this manner: “I ask a clear follow-up question.”

A competence should be selected for each appraisal question. In this way, the trainees and the coaches or administrators will be able to keep track of the trainee's level regarding different skills, and how these skills develop after the program.

If the right competence is missing, you can add a new competence by clicking on 'add'.

After you have filled in every field, click on Save. The videos will be uploaded and you will return to the overview page of the program. You can keep on adding Role Plays in the same way! After you have added every Role Play, you can start adding trainees.