What e-mails/notifications will a trainee receive?


When a trainee uses the app, a few messages will be sent as a push notification directly to the smartphone or tablet. If not, the messages will be sent by e-mail.


What When Moment Content (indication)

Push notification?

New user

When a user has been added to an account and when a new trainee has been added to a program.


Welcome to TrainTool! Here are your login details.

Your login e-mail address is:
Your password is:


New program When a program has been launched for a trainee.  Directly You have been enrolled in #TITLE_PROGRAM. Open the app or login on your computer or laptop to start! No

New Role Plays

/ reminder

When new Role Plays have been made available or when there are Role Plays to catch up with (also if a participant hasn't started yet). Every week at 10.00 (UTC+2)

This is your weekly update on the progress of your TrainTool Role Plays.

- # new Role Plays are available

- # Role Plays are waiting for an answer


Asked for feedback When a friend has asked for feedback.  Directly #NAME asks for your feedback. Click on the link or image below to watch #NAME's video or answer. Yes
 Received feedback When a participant has received feedback from a friend or coach.  Directly #NAME has given feedback on #TITLE_ROLE_PLAY.