E-mails/notifications that trainees are expected to receive


Push notifications or e-mails

When a new week of Role Plays begins, the trainee will be notified automatically that there are new Role Plays available. If the trainee uses the TrainTool app, they will receive a push notification, and if the trainee is not logged into the app, they will receive an e-mail.

What happens when a trainee is invited to a program

When a group of trainees is "launched" by going to the program and clicking on Start, trainees will automatically receive an invitation and login details by e-mail.

The e-mail with login details contains a link to a Getting Started page, which describes for every device how to start. From that page, they can get to our Help Center easily, which contains detailed information about specific topics.

 Schematic overview of all e-mails and notifications received by trainees

What When Moment Content (indication)

Push notification?

New user

When a user has been added to an account and when a new trainee has been added to a program.


Welcome to TrainTool! Here are your login details.

Your login e-mail address is:
Your password is:


New program When a program has been launched for a trainee.  Directly You have been enrolled in #TITLE_PROGRAM. Open the app or login on your computer or laptop to start! No

New Role Plays

/ reminder

When new Role Plays have been made available or when there are Role Plays to catch up with (also if a participant hasn't started yet). Every week at 10.00 (UTC+2)

This is your weekly update on the progress of your TrainTool Role Plays.

- # new Role Plays are available

- # Role Plays are waiting for an answer


Asked for feedback When a friend has asked for feedback.  Directly #NAME asks for your feedback. Click on the link or image below to watch #NAME's video or answer. Yes
 Received feedback When a participant has received feedback from a friend or coach.  Directly #NAME has given feedback on #TITLE_ROLE_PLAY.