Importing trainees (and adding them to a course)


To import trainees and optionally add them to a course, please follow the following routes:

DashboardTrainees Import

Dashboard Courses > click on a course > Add trainees Import

1. If you want to add trainees directly to a course, select a course from the dropdown. If you used the second route to get to the import, the course you came through is automatically preselected.

2. If your account has multiple reporting groups (this label may be different if you have a custom name for reporting groups), you will have the option to choose the reporting group the new trainees should be added to.

3. Select a file on your computer to import. Only .xls files are supported.

4. If you are importing for the first time, you can download the template here. It contains the correct column headers for the import.

5. Click on Upload.

The next screen shows you your file, and asks you to check whether everything looks okay. If we found possible errors, we will show them in the table as bold cells, plus an explanation at the end of the row.

When you selected a course to add the trainees to, the import will also check whether there is a coach with the email address you specified, and whether the group title you specified is a new or existing group. If the coach is unknown, the coach will not be assigned. If the group does not exist yet, it will be created.

If you want to invite trainees directly (they will receive an email containing a link and password to sign in), check the checkbox (default checked). The trainees will be able to access the course directly after the import finishes.

If all data is correct, Confirm the import. If you are adding trainees to a course, you will see the number of credits in the button.

If you want to change the uploaded file, please to Back and upload a new file.

The import will run in the background, and you will receive an email notification when it's done, including the number of trainees imported, trainees added to a course, and the number of errors. If there were errors, they will be included in the email.