Customizing your account


When a new account is created, it is created using a number of default settings.

To customize your account, go to your Admin area and click Account in the top menu.

You are taken to the Account settings. On the first tab, you can change the look and feel of your account by adding your logo.

The account's default locale can also be set here. All users created in the account will get the account's default locale as their own locale. The user can change their locale afterwards.

The tab Email allows you to control the invitation email are sent to new admins an coaches.

The tab Users shows you the users that have more rights than just following a course.

The tab Reporting groups allows you to add reporting groups. Reporting groups are used to make meaningful divisions between trainees when creating reports. By default your account has one reporting group all users in the account belong to. If you do not wish to make comparisons in your reports, you can leave this part as is.

The tab Privacy statements allows you to manage a specific privacy statement (e.g. an organisation-specific privacy statement) your users are required to accept before they can do anything on their account. If you don't add a privacy statement, your users won't be prompted to agree to it and will automatically agree, by using Traintool, with the Traintool Privacy Statement.