Logging in to TrainTool using a QR code



Logging in using a QR-scanner on a tablet/smartphone works by scanning a unique QR code which can be generated by the user if he/she is logged in on Traintool in a browser on a laptop or computer*. This is especially useful for users who log in on TrainTool using an LMS (Learning Management System) as they can directly login with a QR code and don't have to fill in an e-mail address or password anymore on their smartphone/tablet.

*Warning! Logging in using a QR code only works on the Traintool app (on a smartphone or tablet) and if you have access to a laptop/computer where you can log in to Traintool to generate a QR code.

If the trainee is logged in on Traintool on a computer or laptop, it is possible to also log in on a smartphone or tablet using a QR code. Here's how it works:

  1. When logging in via the browser, click on 'Log in with the mobile app' in the bottom right corner of the page. You should now see a screen pop up like the one pictured below:


    Download the Traintool app if it's not yet installed on your smartphone or tablet. You can find instructions on installing the Traintool app on your mobile device here.

  2. Open the app and click on the 'Sign-in options' button at the bottom of the page;


  3. Open the QR code scanner by clicking on the 'Scanner' button.


  4. The camera of the tablet/smartphone now opens. Point the camera on the QR code which is displayed on the computer screen. The tablet/smartphone now recognizes the QR code after which the TrainTool app will automatically log in to your TrainTool account.mceclip1.png
    This QR-code is an example and should not be scanned.

Note: When the user is logging in on Traintool for the very first time, they will always get the option to log in on the app during the setup of their account.