Re-sending the invitation mail to trainees


As an admin, you might get the question from trainees that they have 'not yet received their invitation mail'. If you want to resend the invitation mail to the trainee you can follow the guide below.


First, rule out if the problem is caused by the mail client or a typing error.

There are two obvious reasons why a trainee might not have gotten his/her invitation mail:

  • The e-mail might have been directly sent to the spam folder of the trainee's e-mail service. So always remember to ask the trainees in question if they have checked their spam folder. In the image below you can see an example of where the spam folder is usually located. The example is from the Gmail e-mail service.

  • Check if the e-mail that is registered on the account actually matches with the preferred e-mail of the trainee. You can do this by navigating to the program where the trainee is registered. Next, click on the 'Trainees' tab, then click on the trainee. You will then see all the details of the trainee, including their e-mail address.

  • If you do not know for which program the trainee was registered, you can always find them by clicking on the 'Trainees' tab at the top of the page. Here you can filter on the basis of e-mail address and name, allowing you to find the trainee.

    If the e-mail address of the trainee is indeed, incorrect, you can correct it manually by clicking on the 'Edit' button at the top-right of the page. You will get to see a new window where you can adjust the user's information.
  1. As an admin, find the program where the trainee should be registered.

    Navigate to the 'Programs' tab at the top of your screen. You should now be able to find the program using the search function, or you can scroll through all the programs of your organization and find the program that way. Click on the program where the trainees are registered that have not yet gotten their invitation e-mails.

  2. Click on the checkboxes next to the trainees that have not yet received their invitation e-mail, then click on 'Close enrollment'.

    As soon as you have closed their enrollment you will see a green update at the top of your screen saying '# course(s) closed' notifying you that you have closed their enrollment.

    You can look at the closed users by clicking on the arrow with the blue text saying 'Show closed trainees (#)'.

  3. Now that you have closed their enrollment, it is time to re-enroll them and send their invitation emails. 
    After closing the users' enrollments click on 'Add trainees' and type the trainees' e-mail addresses of the relevant trainees. Pay attention: You can add multiple trainees at once by writing down their e-mails, each separated by a comma

  4. After having written down the e-mails and having clicked on the 'Add trainees' button on the bottom left, you will have to mark the checkboxes again next to the students that have not yet been invited and click on 'Start trainees'.

The trainees will now receive their new invitation e-mails.