Using follow-up programs


What are follow-up programs?

Based on an assessment, personal ambitions or coach recommendations, a trainee is able to join selected follow-up programs. There are two ways to use follow-up programs. Both ways can also be used together:

1. Allow trainees to join follow-up programs after they've joined an earlier program.
2. Have coaches recommend follow-up programs based on an assessment.

When a trainee has access to one or more follow-up programs, they can view more information about the program and join. When they join, they will automatically keep their current coach(es).


How to use follow-up programs?

1. As a (program) admin, assign one or more follow-up programs to a program.

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2. When a trainee has been enrolled in this program, he or she will be able to join the follow-up program whenever needed. They don't have to complete the first program.

3. When a trainee has finished an assessment for a program with follow-up programs, the coach can recommend follow-up programs.

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4. The trainee receives the recommendation and is able to view more information and join the program.

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