Generate program preview link


You might encounter a situation where you want to send a preview of one of your programs to a colleague or friend, but the person in question does not have an account for our software. This is not a problem, we have a built-in feature which allows you to send a link to your program without the recipient needing an account.

  1. Log in to your account

  2. Navigate to "Programs"

    Click the tab "Programs" situated in the Admin-menu.

  3. Choose the program you want to send a preview of

    Click on the destined program.

  4. Click on "Preview program" 

    This is located on the top right corner of your program's content.

  5. Click on "Information and share"

  6. Copy/Paste

    Now you can copy the link that is presented to you and forward it 


    NB: You cannot save answers when using the preview mode. If you want to save answers, you should create an enrollment for yourself.