How to handle an appraisal request


Handling of an appraisal request

Appraisal requests are requests coming from baseline- and final tests that have to be scored. To handle an appraisal request you must first click on the tab  'Appraisal requests' where you can see your list of waiting requests. Click on the blue button saying 'Give appraisal' to start grading a test for one of your trainees.


A window will appear which looks similar to the feedback window, but in case of a baseline- or final test, you will usually find multiple exercises included in a baseline- or final test. If this is the case you will see them listed one under the other in chronological order. With each exercise, you have to fill in the appraisal criteria and you can type additional feedback in the text box provided under each exercise. Make sure to save your feedback with every individual exercise by clicking on 'Save feedback'

You can watch the exercise video to which the trainees have to respond for their recording, by clicking on the button 'View exercise video'. You can then start watching the video by clicking on the play button. You can now grade the recording by clicking on the appraisal criteria (with an x or a check mark). You can add additional feedback by typing in the text box provided.


On the right side of the screen, you will also see a navigational block, on which you can see additional information, such as; how many appraisal criteria you have yet to fill in when the test was completed by the trainee and information about the last time you worked on this specific request. After you have completed the entire appraisal request you can click on 'Finalize assessment and send'.

You will then see a pop-up with the score of the trainee and additional space for general feedback and elucidation for every appraisal criterion. You can fill in these text fields and then click on 'Send'.


The trainee will get a notification that his/her coach has graded their baseline- or final test and they will be able to view the feedback in their TrainTool environment.

The notification


If - for any reason - after finalizing the assessment and sending it out to your trainees you want to check your answers again, you can click on 'Handled' and see your previously handled requests with your grading. Although you can not edit a previously handled request, you will be able to see the feedback that you gave to your trainees. This can be helpful because you can come back to previous feedback to see how you graded your trainees. This will also give you more insight into the learning process.