Step 2: Handling of a feedback request


If you log in to TrainTool with your credentials but you do not see the coaching environment (with the green tab) right away, it means that you have to switch to that role. You can do this by clicking on the menu icon (top left in the menu showing your current role next to the TrainTool logo).


You can now click on  Coach, which will link you to the coaching environment where you can view feedback requests waiting for your response. There are two different types of requests that you can receive; Appraisal Requests or Feedback Requests. You will receive an appraisal request if a trainee finishes a final- or a baseline test. Such a request usually involves multiple Role Plays. You will receive feedback requests when a trainee asks feedback on an individual Role Play.


Handling feedback requests

First, click on 'Feedback requests'. Here you will find your received feedback requests still waiting on a reply. If you click on 'Give feedback' you will get to see the screen where you can give feedback on the answer of the trainee. 


You can see the exercise video (or audio) by clicking on the button 'View exercise video'. You can listen to/watch the recording by pressing the 'play' button. Now you can grade the recording by clicking on the assessment criteria (with an x or a check mark). Explain your grading by typing additional information in the textbox below.


After you have finished grading the assignment you can click on 'Send', and the trainee will get an email with your feedback!



Handling an appraisal request 

Aside from feedback requests, you can also receive appraisal requests. These are requests for a baseline- or final test which have to be scored. To handle an appraisal request click on the tab 'Appraisal requests', here you will see all the pending requests. Subsequently, click on 'Give appraisal' next to the appraisal request that you want to grade. 


After clicking on 'Give appraisal' a screen will appear which looks like the feedback screen, but with a baseline- or final test you will usually have to grade multiple assignments that are recorded in one test. You will see these all ordered vertically under one another. With each individual assignment, you will fill in the assessment criteria and type additional information in the textboxes. 
Pay attentionYou have to save feedback for every assignment in the baseline- or final test by clicking on 'Save'.

You can watch the recording by clicking on the button 'View exercise video'. To start the recording press on the play button. 




You will be able to see some navigational information in the box on the right, among other things you will be able to see how much of the assessment criteria you have filled in when the test was completed by the trainee as well as the last time you changed the form. When you are finished grading the final- or baseline test you can click on 'Finalize assessment and send'.

You will get to see a pop-up screen with the score of the trainee with additional space for general remarks and explanation per competence. Fill in these text fields and click on 'Send'.



The trainee will get a notification that his/her coach has graded the assignment and that they can view the full grading in their TrainTool account. 

If you want to look back into previously graded appraisal- or feedback requests you can click on 'Handled' and see all your previous grading. You cannot edit grading anymore after you have saved and sent it to your trainee but you are able to see everything that you graded and how you graded it. This can be useful to you because while you are coaching you an look back into feedback that you have given before. This will also give you more insight into the learning process.