What is Single Sign On?


This article will explain what SSO can mean for you as TrainTool client. What is SSO? And what does it look like for your trainees?


Single Sign On

SSO allows users to log into multiple software systems with one set of login credentials. In this way, the trainee can log into your own online environment and, from there, automatically log into TrainTool without having to enter different login credentials again. 


LMS is short for Learning Management System. This is a type of platform that is used for the administration, documentation and reporting of educational courses or training programs.

An LMS can be used to set up a training trajectory that uses multiple e-learning tools, TrainTool being one of them. You could, for instance, combine it with a live training or theoretical training on another platform, but you can roll out TrainTool on its own as well.


LTI is short for Learning Tools Interoperability. It's one of the most used protocols for SSO between LMSs and e-learning tools.


Next to LTI, there is SCORM, which is another common protocol for SSO between LMSs and e-learning tools.

Is SSO safe?

TrainTool uses the most modern security protocols. In this way, the connection between user and server is always encrypted. For authentication, we use a very safe protocol that is also used by companies like Google, Facebook and PayPal. 

Additional information about TrainTool's data security can be found here.

Pros SSO

  • Trainees don't have to remember multiple passwords.
  • As admin, you don't have to invite trainees manually.


Cons SSO

  • Technically more complex in the implementation phase because a few settings in the LMS have to be changed.


TrainTool supports three common variants of SSO. These are LTI, SCORM en SURFconext.


Learning Tools Interoperability


  • Smooth user experience.
  • You can set it up and edit it yourself.
  • TrainTool feeds the trainee's progress back to the LMS. In this way, the trainer is always up-to-date of any developments.


  • Extra work to set it up.
  • A trainee will still need a separate password for the mobile app.



  • Smooth user experience.
  • Easy to set up by uploading one file.


  • In order to edit, you always need a SCORM file from TrainTool.
  • Progress is not feeded back so you won't always have good insight in the status of the program.
  • A trainee will still need a separate password for the mobile app.


SURFconext is a common login system for Dutch universities. If the university uses SURFconext, staff and students can log into TrainTool with the same login credentials that they use for other university services.

TrainTool has to make a few changes in order to support SURFconext. If your institution wants to use this, you can discuss it with the account manager.


  • Users don't need extra login credentials.
  • The same security as other online tools used by the university.
  • The same login credentials for the mobile app.


  • SURFconext only contains one e-mail address. If someone has both a staff and a student e-mail address, this can lead to confusion (the TrainTool Support is aware of this situation and prepared to offer a solution straightaway).


If you're considering working with SSO, we advise you to discuss the possibilities with your contact at TrainTool in an early stage of your project. 

Setting up SSO can be taken care of in one work day. Ask your contact for additional information.