Using generic TrainTool content


Guide to using generic content

It's possible to use the extensive TrainTool Role Play library for your project. This library consists of programs with a variety of themes that we have produced in collaboration with experts from the field for all sorts of different organizations. These programs can be used in different contexts. The advantage for you is that you don't have to write, record and upload the content, because we have already done that! If you're considering using a generic program, there are a few small changes that you can make to make sure that the program suits your goal and target group well. You can ask your contact at TrainTool for an up to date overview of themes that are available in the TrainTool library. They can give you a preview or demo enrolment so that you can see what the program looks like and the extent to which it's in line with your goal and target group. 

The better the situations and exercises reflect the trainee's (daily) practice, the bigger the learning effect! As the generic TrainTool-programs have been designed for a large variety of organizations, you may notice that the exercises are very universal. In the administrator environment you can adapt the program so that the trainee can easily connect with the situation. Here are some suggestions for every TrainTool component. 

Promo & introduction
Personalize the promo and introduction by referring to possible live meetings (or trainers/teachers/lectures/...) or by discussing the implementation. What's even more fun, is recording an introduction video with a familiar face, like the manager or trainer, welcoming the trainees and outlining the program. Make sure that you mention how long the program will be and how many exercises it contains in the promo and/or introduction.

Program structure
Just as a program produced by you, it's important to consider how long the program will be and which Role Plays will be available in which weeks. You could drag the Role Plays to another week or adjust the order or delete Role Plays that are irrelevant, if you want to. You could make a baseline or final test of a practice week by changing the settings. Also consider the norm: how high should it be that it's right for the (desired) level of the trainees?

Theory & examples
If you want to change or add theory, you can! You could record and add videos yourself. By doing this, you can specify the theory for your target group, or add examples that are recognizable for trainees. You could also change the theory text, or make the multiple choice questions more or less difficult and more or less complicated. Keep the level of the trainees in mind. 

Role plays
Change situation descriptions to situations where your trainees will be applying the skills after the program. However, be aware that the script of the actor still reflects the situation. You can fill in a feedback situation where the actor says "You wanted to see me?" in all sorts of ways. For example: 'Your colleague goes for a smoke break more often than discussed' or 'Your co-student is quite chaotic and does not keep up with the planning, which means that she missed your deaadline. You decide to give her feedback.'

Appraisal criteria
Check if the appraisal criteria reflect your expectations of the trainee in that Role Play. You can edit, delete or add appraisal criteria so that they fit the goal you have in mind for the training program.

Use the jargon that is used in the organization. If customers are called 'clients' or 'prospects' in the organization of the trainees, make sure that this is the term used in the text. Mention companies, clients, divisions or running projects.
Furthermore, you can change the tone of the text. Are your trainees used to a very formal tone, or not at all? Do they require a lot of explanation or do they like to figure things out on their own? Then implement that in the program as well.

TrainTool is always available to get involved and to give advice about changes to generic content. Have you made some changes? Ask us to do a final check. Then your trainees can get started with a relevant and suitable training program!