How do you train? 

I use the app | I use the computer or laptop



When you login as trainee, you see your programs. The number in each tile indicates the number of available Role Plays in the program.

Note: In other articles we only included screenshots from the computer because the differences are too small to require separate articles 


When you go to one of the programs you see a screen like this:



- On the top you see the name of the current program.

- The Home button: When you click this button you go back to the program overview page. 

- The Info button: This brings you to the information page of the current program.

- The Today menu: Here you see all the Role Plays you can make at this moment.

- On the Timeline you see all finished Role Plays and given and received feedback.

When you click on the menu button (three stripes) you see a menu with the following options:



- Click Friends to manage your TrainTool friends

- On the Skills page you can see the results when you did a baseline or final test

- Click on Logout to logout from the app




When you are training in TrainTool you have the following navigation menu:



1. The Home button: When you click this button you go back to the program overview page. Here you can find all the programs you are registered for.

2. You can also switch between programs by clicking the Menu button (see next section). If applicable, you can also switch to another user role (e.g. from participant to coach).

3. This is the program where you are currently training in.

4. In the Overview menu you will find all the RolePlays you need to complete and the ones you have completed.

5. Once you receive feedback or when feedback is being requested, you can find this in Feedback.


If you click on the Menu button, you will see the following options: 


6. Under Your programs you will see the programs you are registered for.

7. By clicking on the Friends button, you can manage your friends list (e.g. for requesting feedback). 

8. The skills you gained after completing an assessment can been viewed by clicking the Your skills button. 

9. The Profile and settings button is there to change your account details and your language settings.

10. When you click Sign out you will be signed out from TrainTool.