Your first Role Play


When you've accepted the invitation for a program, you can start with your first Role Play.

You need to accept the invitation and set your password first. You can read how this works in Getting Started.

After you have logged in, you will get to the info page of the program. It shows you the topic and the structure of the program.

Step 1:Below the info page, you can clik on To the exercises


Step 2: You are ready to do the first Role Play. Click on Go to the exercise.



Step 3: You have opened your first Role Play. It contains a preparation, which gives you extra information about the exercise. We'll skip the preparation in this example. Click on Start exercise.



Step 4: Before you can start, you have to give the browser permission to use your camera and microphone. This works differently for every browser.

Click here for Google Chrome and Firefox

Click here for Safari, Internet explorer and Edge


Step 5: When you've given permission, you will have to check some things. Does the bar move when you talk? Click on Ok, continue.

Sometimes, the volume of the microphone will be too low. Read here how to fix this.


Step 6: If you continue, you will see a video. Afterwards, the recording starts. Now react to the situation. When you've finished, click Click to stop.


Step 7: After recording, you will see a few appraisal criteria. If you want to record your reaction again, click on Retry.

If you're done with the exercise, click Save.


Step 8: You have finished your first Role Play! If you want to, you can ask for feedback. 


Step 9: You're ready to start the program.