Giving Feedback: Structure


When giving feedback you should take a few practical things into account. 

  1. Perfect English
    First of all it is very important you write the feedback without any mistakes. Try to make sure your grammar and spelling is perfect.
  2. Structure
    When giving feedback, use the same structure that's found in RolePlays. Start with one or more compliments, then give a few tips. You can also choose to structure your feedback according to competence, especially when two or more competences are measured in one RolePlay. By doing so, the feedback becomes more clear for the trainee. 
  3. Standard phrases
    - It's great that you acknowledge the customers feelings. Keep up the good work!
    - Try to repeat the customer's point briefly ('So you are saying you don't agree with our decision and you're feeling disappointed in our company. I think that's sad to hear.'). By doing so, they will feel much more understood and as a listener you can check you got their point right.
    - Don't forget to …
    - It is even better if you …
  4. Being constructive
    As you will probably understand by now, being constructive is very important. The trainee should benefit from your feedback and the goal is to help him or her improve. Therefore, make sure you acknowledge observable behavior, give clear tips and lots of compliments!