Doing an exercise again


Sometimes, you might want to do an exercise again. This could be because you were not satisfied with the result or you would like to practice again. 

If the Role Play is not part of a baseline or final test, you can redo the exercise as often as you like.


Step 1: Go to the Overview where the Timeline is shown and click on View of the completed Role Plays. You will then see the last completed Role Play.  


Step 2: By clicking on the Previous button, you will be able to get to the previous completed Role Plays. Once you have found the Role Play you would like to redo, you should click on Exercise to expand this section.  


Step 3: Here you click on Redo exercise.


Step 4: You are now playing the video of the Role Play. After this, the recording of your response will start immediately. 


Step 5: By clicking on the Stop-symbol, you will end the recording and you will get the opportunity to view your response. You might have to answer a question that is part op the Role Play. If you are satisfied with your recorded response, you save it and you continue your program. You can also decide to redo the Role Play.