Starting with TrainTool on your computer


You have received an invitation e-mail to TrainTool. In this article you can read all the steps you have to take to start.


Step 1. You receive an invitation e-mail




Step 2.

When you click Read More and Join, TrainTool will open in your browser. Next, you will be asked whether or not you want to join the program.




3. If you would like to join, you will see a language setting, password, and privacy statement.



4. After that, you will have the option to start the program on a PC or go to the appstore to download the app. (This article is about training on the PC).



5. If you continue on PC, you will continue on the introduction page of the program.




6. As a first exercise, the First Role Play exercise is done.




7. The First Role Play exercise consists of one RolePlay in order for you to get used to TrainTool.




8. The Preparation contains the most important Do's and Dont's for successful use of TrainTool




9. After the preparatory theory you will see an example about using TrainTool, followed by a question about the example.



10. If you have chosen the right option, you will receive a compliment and be able to continue




11. To make sure you can start and to get used to TrainTool, the preparation consists of a practice RolePlay




12. Once the RolePlay has been recorded you can watch it back and answer some questions regarding your recording (competences).



13. The recording of the first RolePlay is saved correctly. You can now invite friends and ask for feedback.


14. If you click Continue, you will return to the Today screen. The First Role Play exercise has been completed and will appear on your Timeline. The first RolePlay of the new program is ready to be completed.